Organization of art exhibitions and cultural events

Are you an artist, a collector, a gallery manager, a curator, an art institution, an association or a company that would like to organize a cultural event?

I can help with administration, logistics and communication.

Artists, collectors, art dealers are likely, sooner or later, to organize cultural events big or small, public or private. Or at least this is what they would like to do.

Colleagues and friends are always ready to help us with the creative, public relations and networking side of the event. No one though, wants to follow the administrative problems, the bureaucratic practices, the search for the right location, respecting the expected budget and the timing.

Furthermore, following the opening of an exhibition, who is in charge of monitoring the results obtained, comparing them with expectations, organizing the newly collected contacts in a way that can serve for the future?

Art is increasingly considered a luxury item: as in fashion, events must be well thought out and treated in detail.

Do you organize artistic events only in Milan and its surrounding areas?

No, I developed successful cultural projects in many Italian cities and regions (Lazio, Piedmont, Puglia) and European states (France, England, Spain). To stay constantly updated on my activity, just sign up for the newsletter or follow me on social media channels

How do you guarantee high results to artistic events organised in other Italian cities?

I have a network of local experts, which I have developed over many years of activity. In addition I make an on-site inspection before the opening.

Do you organize only painting and sculpture art exhibitions?

Absolutely not: I had the pleasure of organizing video art exhibitions, performances and film screenings. Dealing with modern and contemporary art, I faced administrative, logistic and bureaucratic problems in dealing with the most disparate forms of expression.

How could you support the participation of a single artist at an art fair?

Taking part in an art fair is not easy, even if very useful: most economic transactions take place during this type of event. The first step is to evaluate which of the many existing art fairs to participate in, depending on their characteristics and your goals. We will then proceed to prepare the documents and the stand. I would also take part to the opening days. There are also art fairs where artists can participate without a gallery: I will help them along the way.


This service suits you if:

  • You are an artist ready to enter the art market and you want to build a solid institutional career
  • You need to find a suitable location for your cultural event respecting the budget and timing
  • You are an art gallery owner and you would like to promote your exhibition online or attend an art fair
  • You want to find sponsors for your event
  • You have already developed a project for an art event: you need help to study its feasibility
  • You need a curator or an expert in a particular artistic field, but you don’t know where to look
  • You would like to invite institutional guests to your cultural event, but you don’t have the right contacts
  • You are halfway through realizing your project and you need some suppliers (graphic designers, publishers, printers, transporters, shippers, catering), but time is running out, and you are afraid you won’t find serious professionals at a fair price
  • You need someone to handle administrative and bureaucratic work for you
  • You are a cultural institution or association that would like to create an artists’ award or residence
  • You must solve customs problems, shipping or artworks certifications for work intended to be exhibited abroad
  • You need to coordinate the set-up or dismantle of an exhibition
  • You need someone to manage your art space professionally during your event, taking care of the opening, closing and contacts with the public
  • You need an expert who will collect contacts during the event and file them once the event is over
  • You need an expert for the event opening speech
  • You need an offline and online communication service, but your budget does not allow you to hire a press office


Contact me for:

  • Finding the location, institutional or private, best suited for your exhibition, staying within your budget and with all the goals that you set
  • Proposing your artworks on the market by investing in your artistic career in an effective manner
  • Respecting the timing of the event, ensuring its success
  • Finding sponsors to create profitable partnerships
  • Taking care of administrative and bureaucratic procedures reducing time loss
  • Carrying out a cultural project in full, reducing costs as much as possible
  • Finding suitable suppliers for your needs
  • Finding and managing institutional contacts
  • Enjoying the day of the opening without having to worry about all the details
  • Managing the opening (catering, guests, opening speech) in the best possible way
  • Creating a database of contacts that you can also use for making future events successful
  • Coordinating the dismantling, reducing “last minute” contingencies
  • Promoting your event online and offline, securing attention from the art press


This service provides customers with support in every organizational aspect, with particular attention to administration, logistics and communication. I have been working for years with important art players and I set up a network of contacts which includes cultural, institutional and private venues, to which we can propose the most diverse artistic projects. I have organized exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs in Italy and abroad.

Together we will carry out a feasibility study of the event, determining budgets, timing and targets. Then we will look for sponsors, a location and the right suppliers. The day of the opening, the event will be supervised in detail.

If some steps have already been successfully completed, I will deal only with the administrative, managerial, logistic, communication or organizational phases, according to customer requirements. I am available to follow artworks installation, their dismantling and to open the exhibiting space to the public.

The activity carried out and the final structure of the event will be reported and available in a document for the costumer. As for communication, I will create the press review and a contacts’ database.



The service cost starts from €500.00 for the entire “turnkey” project*.

*The costs vary depending on the size of the project and the time needed to carry it out

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