Art valuation and management of art collections

Many of us who own an artwork would like to know its market value. My job is to help buyers, sellers, artists and collectors understanding the value of their artistic assets.

Have you ever been scared of walking into an art gallery because of the high prices?

There’s a solution called “due diligence”: the method used by companies in assessing critical issues underlying negotiations, has also been applied to the art market. We can be sure of the fair market value of artworks by reducing information asymmetries, together with the associated risks.

To price an artwork, authenticity and state of conservation aren’t enough: there are many more steps. Presence in the author’s catalogue raisonné, exhibition history, contacts with foundations and archival research are other aspects to explore. Once a starting point has been determined, then one can concentrate on artworks’ promotion to increase their value.

Is this service only for modern and contemporary artworks?

Not at all, you can also call me for ancient artworks, antique collections including furniture and furnishings, textile works and classic pieces. Before I started working in the contemporary art market, I attended many academic courses in the historical-classical field, assisted by numerous experts.

By art do you mean only painting and sculpture?

Focusing only on painting and sculpture, distinguishing between “Fine Arts” and “Applied Arts” is now anachronistic. I have been working for years in the modern and contemporary art sector and I saw the most varied forms of artistic expression. Video art, photography, performance need greater attention to conservation, enhancement and protection than established expressive forms. Indeed, many obscure points regarding their management remain, which Italian legislation has yet to settle.

How can you help an artist enhance his/her position and enter the market?

The strategy will be studied together with the artist, understanding first and foremost the objectives that he/she wants to achieve. Then we will analyse the path that has already been undertaken to understand which would be the best course of action. We will make exhibitions, catalogues, art fairs, until the results are reached.


This service suits you if:

  • You have inherited a work of art and you wish to know its fair market value
  • You want to buy a work of art, but you need independent professional advice
  • You need an art world insider who understands the difficulty of a “non-expert” in figuring out the economics of the art market
  • You want to start an art collection: you need some “tips” to make the right investments while following your own tastes
  • You would like to approach the non-European, African or Islamic Art Market, but you can’t find experts in these fields
  • You want to organize your art collection creating a detailed history of each piece.
  • In order to resolve issues in regard to your art collection, you need to be in touch with different professionals (lawyers, accountants, art historians), but you are not sure who you should approach
  • You want to sell an artwork, but you need precise information on the piece which is currently not in your possession
  • You need to build up from scratch an artist’s profile
  • You are an artist and, having worked for years, you’d like to make a ‘qualitative leap’ putting your work on the market


Contact me for:

  • A precise valuation of your artwork
  • Making a well-informed decision when purchasing an artwork at the price proposed by the art gallery
  • Starting your own art collection by following your passions and avoiding frauds
  • Understanding the art market inner mechanisms through the tips of an “insider”
  • Approaching non-European art collecting in a clear and simple way
  • Finding professional and competent art experts who can guarantee you the best team service at a fair price
  • Organizing your art collection by correctly gathering documentation for each piece. This will guarantee you to conduct future action safely: acquisition of new pieces, selling your artworks, donations or inheritance, setting up foundations, trusts, associations or archives
  • Enhancing an artist’s profile without wasting any money
  • Investing in yourself to boost your artistic career


The service provides an evaluation of the customer’s existing documentation (photos, documents, any live analysis of the work /s and the evaluation of the state of conservation); its integration with insights into the artist /s life; tracing past exhibitions in which the work/s were included, market transfers and changes of ownership; bibliographic investigation (presence in the catalogue raisonné or other relevant publications) and archival surveys; comparison with similar works to obtain a minimum and maximum estimate of the good; constant monitoring of market trends; management of contacts with archives, foundations, institutions and museums.

With a vast working experience in the sector, I have established a network of skilled and reliable trade professionals, (lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, property consultants, art historians, scholars and archivists, restorers); with their support, I can guarantee reliable results for all artistic problems.

I am also an expert in African, Islamic and Fiber art.

In addition to tangible results, customers will be given a full report on the work carried out, including all the newly obtained documentation concerning the work/s.


The consultancy service has a cost starting from €100,00. For more information click the button below or contact me via email.