Marine Tanguy: from the passion for art to the cre...

Marine Tanguy: from the passion for art to the creation of MTArt Agency

Marine Tanguy

Marine Tanguy: from the passion for art to the creation of MTArt Agency

Shifting the focus of the art system and return to enhance artists. Could this be the key to revitalize the art market? We asked it to Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency

Young and dynamic: describing Marine with few adjectives is almost impossible. While consolidating her professional career in the art world, she also became mother. An example for all young professionals who ask themselves thousand of questions about their choices, beyond the difficulties that the job market itself already poses on their roads.

One of the most ambitious projects Marine gave birth to was the creation, in 2015, of MTArt Agency.

But she will talk about it in the next few lines, because Art Nomade Milan had the honor and pleasure of interviewing her ?

– You approached the art world at a very early age, managing a gallery at just 21 and
launching your own at 23…Marine, where does your passion for art come from?

I always wanted my surroundings to be as visually inspiring as possible. I love walking on the streets in search of the most beautiful buildings and artworks for hours, I loved to transform interiors with art and tell all stories artistically. 

– Your career in the art world rocked very quickly: You were named in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list for Art and Culture in 2018, You have delivered a series of insightful Ted Talks and You have been nominated for the 2019 Natwest Everywoman’s Demeter Award. Which of these recognitions do you remember with much pleasure?  Marine Tanguy

Although it feels fast, I have been working in the art sector for 11 years. The pleasure I get from these things is the feeling that this would help support the vision of MTArt Agency and its artists. 

– You are Mum of a baby boy: how becoming mother has changed your job vision? Do
you think that more needs to be done to support workers mothers?

It hasn’t changed the vision of MTArt Agency or my professional outlook but it has definitely changed my personal life. I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful baby while doing the job I love. 

– In 2015 You founded MTArt Agency: what weaknesses did you see in the art system
that inspired you to act?  Marine Tanguy

I felt that I couldn’t push my artists as far as I wanted with the gallery model – whether it’s realising the largest public art painting in the world (the project we lead with our artist Saype and the Mayor of Paris: or innovating (our artist Obvious sold the very first AI painting at auction:, it felt restrictive. I wanted a business model that gave space to our ambition and enabled it to scale. 


Marine Tanguy

Marine Tanguy: from the passion for art to the creation of MTArt Agency


– Why does the art system need to focus more on artists than on all other players?

It’s not a case of the art system. All talent sectors shall concentrate more on their talents. My collectors and partners work with our artists because they find them – and their art – inspiring, that’s what matters. 

– MTArt Agency works very often in partnership with companies. Which are the
positive aspects and which are the difficulties of joing art and mass market realities?

I don’t see it that way. I don’t think of people as either masses or the elites, I want the artists we select to be able to inspire everyone and it works. My artists’ art projects are found in the most luxurious of places and also on the streets of London. 

– You are also involved in fighting against the gender gap in the art system. Can you
tell us something more about “Female Lenses for Art Activism”, the virtual exhibition
in partnership with MIA Art Collection?  Marine Tanguy

I loved working with the MIA Art Collection and the way in which they support women artists is brilliant. I just don’t like unfairness and when people do not have the same access to things so as long as everyone has access to the arts, then I am happy : ). That’s why we always pay our interns and we support our artists financially every month too.

– What about “Visual Diet”? Could we say that the information overload affects our
imagery sphere? Some sort of junk images overload? How can we preserve our purity
of gaze?

It’s all explained in this TED Talk: Your visual environment, from what you have in your home, to your streets and what you look at online has a huge impact on your mental health. 

– Let’s talk about the future ? Can you reveal us one of the next MTArt Agency
projects? Has COVID 19 emergency totally changed your plans? How did you react?

We are so lucky. Our online art sales boomed during COVID 19 as a result of people staying at home and realising the need to invest in their homes. We also saw our online reputation growing, the ones of our artists (I was a jury next to Jerry Saltz) and we are about to launch the craziest public art project! We had to hire more people recently and we now have 4 offices in the world (London, Paris, Madrid and Monaco). I feel incredibly fortunate and excited about the future.

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