Art Writing

A cultural event is considered successful when it’s remembered for a long time. The Latins claimed: “Verba volant, scripta manent “: a statement that has acquired even greater importance given today’s speed of communication.

Artists, collectors who want to reevaluate their assets, institutions: everyone fears being unnoticed, or getting only a short-lived consideration.

It’s important to attract media attention, to make articles and posts appear on the main channels. In this way, the results of your art exhibition are magnified, attracting audiences and investors.

But how to get noticed? Competition is fierce, even in market niches.

You will see that articles, essays, catalogs and reviews will no longer be a problem if you contact me.

How did you get these skills?

I have been working for years in the art sector, therefore I often came across problems concerning the creation of an art exhibition catalog and the production of all the informative material. Furthermore, I have dealt with the creation of supporting information for all the cultural projects I have followed. To complete my training in the field, I attended “Curator of Artist Archives” a training course for run by AitArt, the Italian Association of Artist Archives.

run by AITART, the Italian Association of Artist Archives.

Do you have any graphic knowledge?

Yes, I have basic graphic knowledge and I know experts in the field with whom I have been working for years to realize successful cultural events.

How did you gain knowledge of the press sector?

Dealing with art means choosing to enter a market niche: after a while you get to know everyone. Furthermore, Milan is an excellent international marketplace. Finally, my art blog has given me the opportunity to expand relationships and knowledge even further.


This service suits you if:

  • You need an expert who writes the critical essay for the catalog of your next art show
  • You want to catalog your collection (offline or online), but you don’t know how to start
  • You need help for reviewing some critical texts
  • You have a set of texts concerning your artistic practice and you want to give them an overall captivating graphic outlook without spending too much
  • You’d like articles about your artistic activity to appear in specialized magazines, but you don’t know how to present yourself to the editors
  • You need a greater visibility of your cultural events on social media
  • You need someone to take care of the bibliographic part of your project or to integrate it with further historical / critical research
  • You are an artist and you want to enhance your artistic career.


Contact me for:

  • Creating a catalog of your cultural event without spending too much
  • Highlighting your cultural project with articles and reviews in art magazines
  • Advertising your event on the main social networks
  • Listing your artworks: this is the base of your future archive
  • Reviewing drafts and critical texts speedily and precisely
  • Historicizing your creative work by putting the basis of what will be your artist archive
  • Getting professional critical essays focused on your poetics
  • Creating graphically appealing catalogs, flyers and brochures, containing substantial historical and artistic information, respecting your budget.


With the customer, we will build the catalogue, historicizing the cultural event. We will create the texts to be inserted, we will find the most suitable graphic and printing solutions for the predetermined budget and timing. Should we opt exclusively for the online version, we will identify the most suitable format, spreading it on the main platforms, beyond Italy.

For several years I have been managing an art blog. I got excellent feedback from the public and got in touch with the most important art magazines. I speak fluent English, French, Spanish, German and I have basic knowledge of the Arabic language. I will promote the cultural event online and offline-

A text-revision service is also available.

For art collectors, I can create the catalog of owned assets, complete with all the historical / artistic information which can also be used in case of inheritance.

For artists, I can create their own biography.


The service cost ranges from € 6.00 to € 12.00 per page. For complete projects or specific requests contact me via email or click the button below