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Art can be a profitable investment: its market offers interesting possibilities to explore. However acquiring an art work is not so easy. Before calculating the ROI, it is important to meet customer’s aesthetic, spatial and budgetary needs. The art advisor advises the collector in choosing the artwork that, by quality and price, is the most interesting on the market. The art advisory service is not limited to a singular operation, but aims to support the collector in all his/her needs: acquisition, management, development up to the disposal or hereditary transfer.

In addition to established artists, whose names and prices are already known by the public opinion, in the artistic scenario there is also the so-called “primary market”: the field of emerging creatives.

Reaching recognition of one’s role as an artist is often very tiring. Finding a professional consultant who accompanies and supports the growth of young artists, guaranteeing tangible results, can make the difference.


Where did you acquire the skills for providing this type of service?

I have worked for many years in art galleries, as well as having a management-oriented university education. For an art advisor it is essential to combine an in-depth knowledge of the economic dynamics of the sector with historical-artistic skills. In addition, in recent years, I have developed a rich network of contacts with professionals who are able to support my customers for legal and tax aspects. Speaking about  non-European art, I completed a PhD in demo-ethno-anthropological goods at Bicocca University

How will you guarantee the impartiality of your consultancy if you work for some art companies?

Collaborating with well known art is essential to find authentic artworks with all the necessary certifications. An art advisor is, by definition, an independent professional who offers specific services, to increasing value and financial optimization of art collections.

Which criteria will you follow to choose emerging artists to be included in your portfolio?

I work every day in close contact with young creatives and I am a member of REA! Fair team, which is dedicated to emerging artists. This art fair will take place in Milan in October 2020. Artists who are interested in being included in my portfolio have to submit their cv via e-mail. Some of the criteria followed will be: age, artistic techniques used, expressive poetics, training, exhibition curriculum.


This service suits you if:

  • You would like to approach the art world by acquiring a work that maintains or increases its value over time, without spending a lot of money
  • You want to invest in the art world to diversify your assets portfolio
  • You are looking for a particular artwork that reflects your aesthetic taste, respecting space and budget limits
  • You need a “site specific” artwork, but you cannot find the best artist that makes it
  • You would like to decorate your house with works of non-European, African or Islamic, art and you need an expert in these fields
  • You are looking for artworks to decorate your store
  • You need an external consultation before purchasing an artwork at an art gallery or an auction house
  • You want a particular artwork by a well know artist
  • You would like to develop your collection, manage it at its best and financially optimize its growth
  • You are a young artist who wants to increase his/her visibility and propose his/her artworks on the market
  • You are a young artist looking for a professional consultancy service to help you organize exhibitions and advertise them


Contact me for:

  • Starting your art collection according to your aesthetic and budgetary goals
  • Investing safely in the art market
  • Finding particular artwork made by well known artists, having all the legal
  • Creating a “site specific” artwork that meets your desires and that increases the value of the space in which it has been created
  • Decorating your house with the best Extra-European artworks, combining aesthetics and economic value for money goals
  • Exhibiting artworks in your business premises with the possibility of acquiring them
  • Managing, enhancing and financially optimize your art collection
  • Increasing your visibility as a professional artist in order to approach the market and collectors
  • Improving your artistic presence on the most famous communication platforms



The consultancy service supports collectors in all their needs:  creation, management and enhancement of their artistic collection. In order to find important and valuable artworks, I collaborate with well established companies in the art market, that are able to provide all the necessary certifications about the provenance and the authenticity of the goods. The contractualized activity that I carry out with some of them allows me to offer services such as rental of artworks to be displayed in commercial premises, with the possibility of final acquisition.


Medium-term goal is the creation of a portfolio of emerging artists, using different artistic ways of expression, in order to support them in their artistic career development. Their artworks will be proposed to collectors, with the aim of matching aesthetic taste and future return on investment to every client.


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